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Amada Machine Tools has provided the American industry with a steady stream of innovative, productivity-enhancing machines. We believe quality work begins with quality tools designed and built from the ground up to deliver outstanding performance. Every feature, function, and configuration we offer has been developed to address the needs of our customers. We understand productivity is the heart of your business, and we can help you optimize it in multiple ways.

Therefore, we have accomplished this by carefully listening to you, our customers, and then engineering and building machine tools that solve your fabrication needs. For instance, we serve Aerospace, Air Conditioning, Appliances, Computers, Electronics, Farm Equipment, Gaming Industry. In addition to Medical Equipment, Metal Office Equipment, Restaurant Equipment, Telecommunications, and Transportation.

No two manufacturing needs are exactly alike. Finding the right solution means thoroughly understanding your objectives and configuring a solution to match them precisely. Our engineers bring decades of industry experience to help you achieve your specified goals with a process that fits—and enhances—your workflow.

In other words, we’ve maintained our time-honored tradition of hand-fitting our solutions to deliver the ultimate in quality and precision.

Above all, as technology has evolved, we’ve embraced CNC automation as a core strength, improving throughput and helping new operators become productive more quickly. In conclusion, we have combined the legacies of Amada Cutting Technologies and our Grinding Business unit, we are uniquely positioned to help you expand your capabilities and grow your business maintaining our philosophy of “GROWING WITH OUR CUSTOMERS”.

In conclusion, Amada machine tools have more than 70 years of industry experience. Amada Machinery America is committed to helping our customers deliver dependable service and top-quality work with exceptional grinding and sawing solutions.

stamping press sdew

Stamping Press

CTB400-Band Saw

Band Saws

Metal Milling


Profile Grinders

CCP103H-Chip Compactor

Chip Compactor

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