SHEC – WHEC are China-Japan Joint Venture Companies. Consequently, they design and manufacture Thermal Print Heads (TPH) & Contact Image Sensors (CIS). Key components for many types of printers and scanners. Above all, high quality and reliable products are essential for the performance of the final assembly product.

Therefore, having research institutes in both China and Japan, produce superior R&D capabilities for TPH/CIS. SHEC and WHEC can supply custom-made TPH.  In addition, Black & White, Full-Color high speed, and high-density CIS. Most TPH/CIS products made by SHEC and WHEC are exported to overseas markets.

Along with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, ITOCHU Corporation is another key shareholder. In other words, supporting the role of global sales and logistics. ITOCHU Corporation is the sales force of SHEC and WHEC with design-in capability. In addition, with an extensive global reach through its network, ITOCHU can fulfill the needs of its customers with the engineering resources at SHEC and WHEC. Therefore, our industry-leading products for Image detection, using Light, Capacitance, and Magnetism, WHEC has developed distinct kinds of innovative image sensor technology. Our Application fields now include Banking, Industrial Machine Vision, Medical, Agricultural, and Logistics to name just a few. Our broad product range within each specific market enables us to fulfill customers’ needs for standard, Niche, and fully customized requirements at highly competitive costs.

Furthermore, our experienced regional sales network is fully able to support customers.


Thermal Print Heads (TPH)

Thermal printheads

Using our unique production process, we offer various printing widths for each series of TPH.

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Contact Image Sensors (CIS)

Contact Image Sensors

We offer a versatile solution for various applications using special LED light sources.

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Magnetic Image Sensor (MIS)

Magnetic Image Sensor

Magnetic sensor equipped with high resolution Tunnel Magneto Resistance

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Depth Image Sensor (DIS)

Depth Image Sensor

Brand new depth image sensor measuring by electrostatic capacity.

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Surface Inspection

Large Format CIS

Comparison of the Large Format CIS and the Demagnification Lens Camera

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