About TEXMAC Inc.


About TEXMAC Inc
TEXMAC Inc. has been bringing advancement and excellence in each industry we’ve set foot in. We are leaders in energy, medical technology, circuit board testers, packaging, embroidery, and screen printing. We are based in Charlotte, NC and our business has been growing since 1974. You’re probably wondering how we’ve been able to maintain our status in each of the industries; the answer is simple: High standards. We have high standards for our employees, our business standards, and our products. We are always striving and pushing ourselves to be better as a company and industry leader.

TEXMAC Inc. is proudly a part of the ITOCHU family. ITOCHU is a Japanese Conglomerate that formed in 1858 as a trading company, importing and exporting items around the world.

Today, it still offers trading services but it also owns or has significant investments in 400 companies. In addition to several offices in Japan, our parent company has ten regional subsidiaries that partner with businesses everywhere. With 153 offices in 74 countries, ITOCHU Corporation boasts one of the most extensive business networks anywhere.