Amada Profile Grinders

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Amada Profile Grinders, when the tightest tolerances and accurate repeatability matter. Therefore, Amada is the world leader in optical profile grinding, high-precision surface, and profile work. Consequently, we are suppliers to high-tech electronics and semiconductor manufacturers. Briefly, they have trusted Amada grinders for years to deliver the flexibility, precision, and productivity they need to stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry.

Amada Profile Grinders

Amada Grinder Machines

  • Optical Precision Profile Grinder

  • Graphical Profile Tool Grinder

  • High Precision Forming Grinde

  • Ultra-High Precision Forming Grinder

  • Manual Style Forming Grinder

  • Precision Surface Grinder

  • Rotary Surface Grinder

  • 5 Axes Multifunction Grinding Center

Amada GLS150GL Optical Profile Grinder

CNC Optical Precision Profile Grinder GLS 80P


  • High-Speed Reciprocation Type, High Accuracy Wheel, Elevation Table
    • The CNC Optical Precision Profile Grinder, GLS 80P has a 155mm wheel head stroke and 400 min-1 high-speed reciprocations (limited stroke). Therefore, it has the capacity to handle a wide variety of workpieces. Therefore, this is enhanced with a wide array of accessories and a large capacity wet grinding splash guard system.
  • High Accuracy, High-Speed Spindle (TS-6)
    • The standard high-power spindle (6000 min 1) is compatible with large diameter grinding wheels.  Consequently, this allows the installation of TC-20 (20000 min-1) depending on workpieces to be ground.
  • Center-of-Gravity Bed Design
    • AMADA Machinery’s new bed design optimizes the layout of jack bolts and ribs. Therefore, eliminating deflection in the center area and increasing static accuracy.
  • GLS 150GL, High-Resolution LED Projector
DV1 Digital Profile Grinder-L

CNC Graphical Profile Grinder


  • Automatic Measurement and Compensation
    • Automatic image measurement using a CCD camera provides fully automated high-quality grinding. The tolerance evaluation function automates compensation after finish grinding.
  • Full Automation for Consistent Grinding Quality
    • Fully automated chartless finish grinding significantly reduces grinding quality inconsistency.
  • Response to Ultrafine & Micro Form Requirements
    • Capable of completely meeting users’ needs for grinding a microform of 1 mm square or smaller. Hence, it cannot be measured by a projector.
  • Compact & Full Cover Design
    • The innovative full cover design saves space and opens the work area for easy access. Simultaneously enhances work safety and environmental performance.
  • ATC & AWC System (Optional)
    • The automatic replacement of a workpiece and the grinding wheel can maintain extended unmanned operation, resulting in further higher efficiency and higher performance.
Amada CNC High Precision Forming Grinder MEISTER-G3

CNC High Precision Forming Grinder Meister G3


  • High-Speed Table Reciprocation
    • AMADA Machinerys’ proprietary positioning scale and hydraulic servo system can achieve 250 min-1 high-speed reciprocation and significantly increase grinding efficiency.
  • Optical Linear Scale for High Accuracy Positioning
    • The vertical axis is accurately positioned by fully closed feedback using a linear scale of 0.05 μm resolution (optional for MEISTER V3).
  • Full Cover Design Insusceptible to Thermal Displacement
    • The installed heat-insulating cover can cope with thermal symmetry structure and environmental change and assure workplace safety.
Amada CNC Ultr High Precision Forming Grinder WINSTAR-SP

CNC Ultra-High Precision Forming Grinder WINSTAR SP


  • Automatic Measurement & Compensation System with CCD Camera (V-spec)
    • AMADA MACHINERYS’ original software and CCD camera allow for onboard profile measurement without the need of removing a workpiece. This can reduce the number of processes and prevent an error upon installation in the measurement process. In addition, the difference between the measured workpiece profile and the target values is calculated for programming. Compensation requires a short lead time.
  • Proprietary Three-Face Standalone Column
    • The T-shaped bed design and long slide column base maintain high straightness accuracy and excellent workability.
  • Hybrid Guide
    • The overhang-less V-V sliding surface assures long-term straightness accuracy for crosswise feed. The hydraulic servo valve feedback for high-speed reciprocation. To illustrate, this is a teaching function, and a pulse handle for higher operability is installed as standard components.
  • Overhang-less V-V Sliding Surface
    • The overhang-less V-V sliding surface assures long-term straightness accuracy for crosswise feed. Hydraulic servo valve feedback for high-speed reciprocation, a teaching function, and a pulse handle for higher operability are installed as standard components.
  • Ultra-low Oscillation Oil Cooling Type Spindle Motor
    • In addition, AMADA MACHINERY’S proprietary ultra-low vibration oil cooling spindle motor is installed to the grinding wheel axis for super mirror finish grinding. The oil bath cooling function is available as a standard function to minimize thermal displacement.
Amada TF-M1-L Manual Forming Grinder

Manual Style Forming Grinder


A) Chuck size : 350 x 150 mm

B) 2. 1.5 kW wheel spindle motor

C)  Manual crosswise feed

D) Vertical pulse cutting (with vertical and longitudinal scale counters)

Amada Techster 84-L Surface Grinder

Medium-Duty CNC Precision Surface Grinder
TECHSTER 84/105/106/125/126


  • Proprietary Low-Center-of-Gravity Frame for High Accuracy Grinding
    • In particular, the overhang-less V- slide surface table is driven by a ball screw. Thus enabling “crown grinding”. In addition, high accuracy grinding at both low and high speeds. Therefore, the non-hydraulic design reduces environmental impacts.
  • Response to Ultrafine & Micro Form Requirements
    • Therefore, capable of completely meeting users’ needs for grinding a microform of 1 mm square or smaller that cannot be measured by a projector.
  • Machine Design with Both Operability and Safety
    • In this case, the computer-based NC operation panel provides easy programming. The availability of three enclosure types assures both operability and safety for operators. Therefore, increasing grinding efficiency.
  • Wide Variety of Applications for Shorter Setup and Grinding Time
    • Furthermore, AMADA MACHINE TOOLS offers machine measurement systems, interactive software, and different dressers for higher productivity.
Amada SSR-5_L Rotary Surface Grinder

Rotary Surface Grinder SSR5


  • Rotary Surface Grinder
    • The SSR5 is a true surface grinder in that the diameter of the wheel is what contacts the workpiece. Similar grinders use the face of the wheel to contact the workpiece, while adequate for roughing, that grinding process is lacking in precision.
  • Easy to Program
    • Simple graphical screens allow for easy input of data to set the grinding cycle and conditions.
  • Easy to Setup
    • A “Teach” button makes it extremely easy to touch off the wheel to the part and/or dresser. Therefore, this touch-off process is not only easy but very efficient.
  • Constant Surface Speed
    • The chuck spindle rotates at a variable speed to assure the highest degree of precision. This Constant Surface Speed function also helps to assure a consistent surface finish across the whole part.
  • Automatic Dressing
    • Maximum efficiency requires frequent dressing of the grinding wheel. Accordingly, the SSR5 automates this process by automatically dressing the wheel when specified. In fact, it compensates for the reduction in wheel diameter.
  • Thermally Stable Design
    • For one thing, the machines are designed with thermal distortion. This allows you to maintain accuracy throughout the day.  Therefore, a thermally stable design will minimize the effects of thermal distortion as the machine heats up throughout the day.  In fact, Amada grinders are engineered for exceptional thermal stability.
  • Eco-Friendly Design
    • Notably, the SSR5 is an “All Electric” machine. Therefore, it does not require a hydraulic system.
Amada SSR-5_01 5 Axis Grinding

5 Axes Multi-function CNC Grinding Center

Important to realize, the MX150 Multi-function Grinding Center assures higher efficiency and higher accuracy.

Certainly, the MX150’s unique design combines the capability of 5 axes milling machine with grinding capabilities.  Therefore, achieves higher accuracy milling but also high accuracy grinding. , In addition, this unique combination allows you to machine extraordinarily complex parts in a single operation. In conclusion, grinding more accurately and more efficiently.


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