Amada Profile Grinders

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Amada Grinder Machines

  • CNC Optical Precision Profile Grinder
  • CNC Graphical Profile Tool Grinder
  • CNC High Precision Forming Grinde
  • CNC Ultra High Precision Forming Grinder
  • Manual Style Forming Grinder
  • Precision Surface Grinder
  • Rotary Surface Grinder
  • 5 Axes Multifunction Grinding Center
GLS150GL Optical Profile Grinder
CNC Optical Precision Profile Grinder GLS 80P

Ultra-accuracy mold parts, advanced profile realizes “SHINING” surface. Amada is the world leader in CNC Optical Profile grinding. This technology has evolved radically over the decades. Historically, and even now, grinding specialists have labored in darkened grinding rooms to perform this highly skilled manual process.

DV1 Digital Profile Grinder-L

CNC Graphical Profile Grinder

Compact, Chartless, Fully-Automated 3rd Generation Profile Grinder

MS-G3-Forming Grinder

CNC High Precision Forming Grinder Meister G3

High Speed Table Reciprocation
AMADA MACHINE TOOLS’ proprietary positioning scale and hydraulic servo system can achieve 250 min-1 high speed reciprocation and significantly increase grinding efficiency.

MS-G3-Forming Grinder

CNC Ultra High Precision Forming Grinder WINSTAR SP

Automatic Measurement & Compensation System with CCD Camera (V-spec)
AMADA MACHINE TOOLS’ original software and CCD camera allow for on-board profile measurement without the need of removing a workpiece. This can reduce the number of processes and prevent an error upon installation in the measurement process. In addition, the difference between the measured workpiece profile and the target values is calculated for programming. Compensation requires short lead time.

TF-M1-L Manual Forming Grinder

Manual Style Forming Grinder

Techster84-L Surface Grinder

Medium-Duty CNC Precision Surface Grinder
TECHSTER 84/105/106/125/126

Proprietary Low-Center-of-Gravity Frame for High Accuracy Grinding
The integrated high rigidity T-shaped bed, C-shaped column structure and crosswise overhangless structure ensure high straightness accuracy.

SSR-5-L Rotary Surface Grinder

Rotary Surface Grinder SSR5

The SSR5 is the ideal machine for precision grinding circular shaped workpieces. To achieve the highest level of precision for flatness on circular parts, the SSR5 is the ideal choice.  While ideally suited to surface grinding circular shaped parts, the SSR5 is also very efficient when batch grinding any shape parts.  As there is no wasted time reversing direction like a reciprocating grinder, efficiency is maximized.

5 Axis Grinding

5 Axes Multi-function CNC Grinding Center

High efficiency and high accuracy are assured with the MX150 Multi-function Grinding Center.

The MX150’s unique design combines together the capability of a 5 axes milling machine with grinding capabilities.  This allows the user to not only perform high accuracy milling, but also high accuracy grinding. This unique combination allows you to machine highly complex parts in a single operation more accurately and more efficiently.


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