Amada Band Saws


Amada Band Saws

Amada band saws are available in semi or fully automatic and from 10” to 40” capacity. Compared with other circular saw machines of this type, the fully automatic CM-75 CNC machine provides maximum cutting efficiency with top measurement accuracy. The use of a 2 mm wide circular saw with sintered carbide directional edge combined with a mist cutting fluid system ensures the smoothest cutting surface. Therefore, without any edges and minimum broke. In addition, Amada band saws rotational speed is smoothly controlled while an operator-friendly control panel. Similarly, a feed magazine and automated first cut and broke separation function ensure high-performance operation in a continuous cycle. Cutting process parameters and combinations of different cut lengths and volumes can be stored in computer memory. In conclusion, this makes the Amada band saws a perfect choice for both mass and small-batch production.

CTB400-band saw2

Amada CNC Programmable Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw

The Model CTB400 band Saw Machine is developed for high production, accuracy, and economic cutting.

Designed to use the multifaceted Amada carbide band saw blade.

Achieved an excess of 95cm²/min cutting rates, surface finishes in the range of 62 RMS while holding accuracy’s well within the + – 0.05/mm of diameter.

The world’s first CNC OPTIMAL CUTTING CONTROL (patent pending) presets feeds and speeds according to material specification.

Horizontal Band Saw

Horizontal Semi-Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw

Material Size: Round 15.7″ – 40″, Rectangle Max. 44″ x 40″

Horizontal CNC

Horizontal CNC Controlled Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw

NC-controlled band saws for tubes, solid, and structural material.

Extremely rigid bundling device makes these machines especially suitable for bundle cutting

Fully Automatic Band Saw

Horizontal Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw

Extremely rigid construction for large capacity cutting

All types of metals economically and efficiently.

Horizontal Miter Saw

Horizontal Automatic Metal Cutting Miter Band Saw

Miter Cutting Band Saw specifically designed for cutting structural steel sections.

metal cutting circular saw

Circular Saw Machines.  High productivity, accuracy, and excellent surface finishes are only three achievements accomplished when using the Amada CMB series sawing systems.

State-of-the-art innovations with Amada’s years of engineering experience

Ensures higher levels of accomplishments in metal sawing.

Pulse Cutting Saw

Pulse Cutting Band Saw.

Latest innovation in metal sawing.

Increases Productivity.

Single-pulse cutting cancels the vibrations.

Decreases cutting resistance while increasing blade life and cutting rates.

Increased blade life is now guaranteed without sacrificing productivity.

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