TAKAYA Flying Probe APT-1600FD Series

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TAKAYA Flying Probe APT-1600FD Series

APT-1600FD Series dual-sided flying probe

TAKAYA Flying Probe APT-1600FD Series

TAKAYA Flying Probe APT-1600FD Series is a dual-sided flying probe test system. Therefore, it deploys the flying probes to both sides of a printed circuit board. Consequently, due to the simultaneous dual-sided probing contact, the dual-sided flying probe contributes to a marked increase in test coverage. As a result, the shortest amount of test time.
In conclusion, the APT-1600FD Series dual-sided flying probe has world-class test speed and positioning accuracy. Furthermore, it is equipped with a laser height measurement system and LED test sensors. In addition to a wealth of extraordinary test functionalities that significantly expand the application possibilities of flying probe tester. Contact us today!

Exclusive Features of the TAKAYA Flying Probe APT-1600FD Series

  • 4 – Heads and 6 – Flying Probes from Top

  • 2 – Heads and 4 – Flying Probes from Bottom

  • Unprecedented Test speed

  • Strong and Rigid Granite XY stage

  • High-end and High-precision Measurement Unit

circuit board
  • NSW Test for shortening of test time

  • Easy & User-Friendly Software and Security Function

  • In-Line System (APT-1600FD-A)

  • Attenuating Contact Pressure of Probes

  • Flexible PCB Clamp system

  • Enhanced Test Area & Clearance

  • Realization of Dynamic characteristics testing

  • LED ON-Color Test

  • Color camera & Vision system for AOI / Real-map

  • Laser Displacement Measurement system

  • Wealth of Options

  • Easy Connection to External Test Equipment

  • Test Ability in the Constant State of Evolution

  • New Software Structure



APT-1600FD / 1600FD-A

Flying probes and sensors


Standard type: 4 tilted contact probes

Single Z type: 4 tilted contact probes and 2 vertical contact probes or 2 IC-open check probes (changeable)

Dual Z type: 4 tilted contact probes and 2 vertical contact probes and 2 IC-open check probes

LED ON-color test sensors: 2 sensors (option)

Bottom side

Standard type: 2 tilted contact probes

Standard with vertical Z type: 2 tilted contact probes and 2 vertical contact probes or 2 IC-open check probes/support-pins (changeable)

LED ON-color test sensors: 2 sensors (option)

Positioning resolution of flying probes

X and Y axes : 1.25µm (0.05mil), Z-axis : 5µm (0.2mil)

Positioning repeatability of flying probe (XY)

±30 to ±40µm (±1.2 to ±1.6mil) in the high precision mode, approx.

Minimum pad size of probing

60 to 80µm (2.4 to 3.2mil) in the high precision mode

Minimum pad pitch of probing

150 to 190µm (6.0 to 7.5mil) in use of needle probes

Test time (at 2.5mm pitch movement)

Combination test : max. 0.02 – 0.03sec. /step, Single test : max. 0.05 – 0.06sec. /step

Signal sources for board test

DC Voltage/current generator -1 and 2: Four-quadrant source & measure system, max. ±20V/±1A

DC Voltage/current generator -3: Four-quadrant source & measure system, max. ±80V/±1A, option

AC Constant voltage generator: max. 20Vpk/100mApk, f=1Hz to 0.5MHz (sine, square, or triangle wave)

Measuring ranges

DC Voltage, Current: ±125V, ±2A(max.±40V) or ±1A(max. ±80V, option)

AC Voltage, Current: 150mV to 75Vrms, 0.7µA to 70mArms(max. 20Vpk) f=10Hz to 0.5MHz Frequency: 1Hz to 20MHz

Resistors: 5mΩ to 50MΩ

Capacitors : 0.5pF to 200mF

Inductors: 0.5µH to 500H

Impedance/phase angle: 2.5Ω to 3.3MΩ / ±90°

Transformers: Inductance, detection of winding, transmission ratio Forward voltage of PN junction: 0.1V to 40V

Zener voltage: 0.1V to 40V (Max.80V, optional)

Isolation test: Threshold is programmable from 5Ω to 50MΩ

Continuity test: Threshold is programmable from 1Ω to 500KΩ

Diodes/transistors/FETs: Forward voltage of PN junction, ON test, Gain, Static characteristics

Relays/optocouplers/SW devices: ON test

Open fault detection of IC leads: Forward voltage measure of PN junction or IC-open check probes

Displacement measurement system TLS-1

Light source: Red semiconductor laser (Topside)

Measuring method: Light/reflective type (laser displacement)

Laser beam diameter: 0.25×2.65mm to 0.40×2.75mm (changes by the height of the measurement point)

Measuring range: -5.0 to +50.0mm (-0.95″ to +1.95″)

Repeatability: ±100µm or less

Measuring time: 1ms/point (not included XY movement time)

Application: Coordinates alignment by automatic generation of 3D-mapping Non-mounted components, floating components, missing components, etc.

Vision test system TOS-7F

Camera: 1/3″CCD megapixel color digital type (dual side)

The light source for cameras: Ring-shaped white LED with brightness controllable to 256 steps

Application: Coordinates alignment, simple vision test, reading of barcode & 2D code, real-map, etc.

Vision test item: Non-mounted components, components shifting, missing components, polarity, color inspection of parts

Image registration: Max. 2000 scenes (sum total on the dual side)

LED ON-color test system DOT-1 (option)

Sensor type: 12-bit digital type, Sensitive to red, green, and blue regions of the spectrum

Detectable: Hue, saturation, and luminance by R.G.B color ratio

Sensing area: 1mm square (in the reference plane), approx.

Detection time: 1ms/point (not included exposure time and XY movement time)

Test steps

Max. 350000 steps

Testable boards specifications

Test area (max.): L540 × D483mm (21.3″×19″), Dual side

Board size: L50 × D50mm (2″×2″) to L540 × D483mm (21″×19″)

Component height (max.): Top side 60mm (2.4″), Bottom side 60mm (2.4″) includes board thickness

Board thickness: 0.6 to 5.0mm (0.024″ to 0.2″)

Component free-area: 3mm (0.12″) or more from the front and rear edges (for board clamp)

Conveyor specifications (APT-1600FD-A)

Transferable board size: L50×D50mm (2″×2″) to L540×D483mm (21″×19″), Thickness 0.6 to 5.0mm

Direction and height: Left to right (standard), Right to left (option)        FL 900mm (-15/+65mm)

Belts and speed: Timing belt (anti-static type), 200 to 667mm/sec. (programmable, 6 ranges)

Conveyor width adjustment: Front side – fixed, Rear side – auto adjustment (with correction mechanism of parallelism)

Interface for loader/unloader: SMEMA standards

Entrance shutters (option): Automatic opening and closing

Operation panel, Tower light: 5.6″ colors TFT touch LCD, Colors lamp (red/green/yellow ) with buzzer

Embedded PC and OS

Windows® PC (with DVD drive, HD drive, keyboard, mouse), Windows 7

Display & Printer

LCD: 1920×1080 resolution or higher resolution

Printer: Small thermal type (USB connection)

Power and Air supply

AC200 to 240V(automatic change system, single-phase) 50/60Hz (max. 4KVA), 0.6 to 0.8Mpa (dry clean air)

Operating environments

Temperature: 16 to 30˚C (60 to 86˚F )

Humidity: 30 to 75% (no condensation)

Main body dimensions (W×D×H), Weight

1400×1500×1400mm (55″×59″×55″), 1450Kgs (3200 lb)


LED ON-color test sensors, DC ±80V/±1A programmable source & measurement unit, Function scanner board, Power relay board, NSW test software, etc.

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