TAKAYA Flying Probe APT-1400F

TAKAYA Flying Probe Tester

TAKAYA Flying Probe Test System

TAKAYA Flying Probe APT-1400F

The TAKAYA Flying Probe APT-1400F is a next-generation flying probe test system that has unprecedented performance in terms of test speed, positioning accuracy, and test coverage. In addition, a major improvement in test speed and positioning accuracy. The TAKAYA Flying Probe APT-1400F is capable of having the probes contact extremely small test pads with a high degree of accuracy to test it in a small amount of time. In addition, the APT-1400F is provided with the breakthrough 4-heads and 6-flying probes. In conclusion, the sophisticated measuring system, and a number of innovative test capabilities achieve a real improvement in test coverage and contribute to the detection of assembly faults that were previously impossible.


In addition to the four standard moving probes which are installed diagonally to the board under test, the APT-1400F is designed to use other two Z axis units(option) where either probe or IC-open test probe can move up and down vertically. The vertical Z axis units enable to get access to the test points where are hard for the standard moving probes to do that and also enable to contact the location at different height with accuracy. In addition, it’s possible to directly contact the through-holes and the head of connector pins by using dagger and inverse cone head type of probe, resulting in increased test coverage.

The APT-1400F incorporates 16-bit DC 4-quadrant sources & measurement system and AC programmable generator which is also finding uses as function generator in the measuring unit, so that the tester is capable of applying the best suited measuring signals according to specification of each electronic component and the circuit conditions and realizes the circuit test and dynamic characteristics test. Also, the dedicated measuring mode for very small capacitance and the high measuring accuracy circuit give aid to detect wide range of assembly faults.

The tester’s XY stage, crucial to stable and accurate probe contact, is made of highly polished native granite, as well as the APT-9xxx series which is thought of as the global standard model of the flying probe testers. In addition, the structure of the XY stage has been completely reviewed according to faster moving speed of the probes and the precision components adopted in the tester have the quality to last long. Also the positioning accuracy is finely tuned tester by tester. Therefore, the APT-1400F ensures the superfast movement of the probes and also increases the positioning accuracy by 25% comparing to the conventional models.

The state-of-the-art high power & fast-moving driving motor system and the new high-speed communication control contribute speed up test 30 ~ 50% faster than the conventional models. In addition, utilizing 3 bottom probe units makes combination test more efficient and cut the test time down.

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