Amada Metal Milling

Amada Stamping Press

Amada Milling Machines

Four Face Milling Machines

Highly productive twin-headed milling machine for high-quality machining of sheet material in the size
range 150 x 150mm and a maximum height of 150mm. The fully automatic machining of all four
surfaces without reclamping of the material results in high angular accuracy and parallelism of the
finished workpiece.

Two-Face Milling Machines

The PMH-1308 has a 525mm sized milling head, allowing sheets with a width of up to
500mm to be milled in one pass. Material surfaces obtained therefore have no transitions
or steps.

THV460_Horizontal Milling Machine

Duplex Milling Machine THV150

Milling four sides of the custom plate with THV Series

Specially designed twin spindle milling machine.

PHM1308-FLV-Vertical Milling

Two Face Plate Mill PMH1308

Milling top and bottom surface of the custom plate with PLATE MILL

Specially designed vertical milling machine.

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