Takaya Flying Probe Test System

TAKAYA Flying Probe Test System

TAKAYA flying probe test system was invented in 1984 to meet their internal needs as a contract manufacturer. Therefore, in 1986, TAKAYA partnered with Itochu Corp. (TEXMAC’s parent company) to share this technology with electronics manufacturers. Consequently, TAKAYA created an easy-to-use, Ultra High Speed, High-Precision reliable fixtureless circuit board tester. Since that time, TAKAYA has gained a reputation for excellence and established itself as the standard used by the major Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers. To include, medical, military, and aerospace companies that continue to manufacture their printed circuit boards in-house.

Since that time, TAKAYA has been leading in the field of flying probe technology. The research and development capacities concentrate on the fast launch of product innovations. Therefore, allowing you to react immediately to the rapidly changing technical requirements and needs of your customers. In conclusion, the systems combine the knowledge and decades of experience in the areas of actuation and positioning of the probes and the measurement technology. In addition to the maximum positioning accuracy and test speed, they are also distinguished by outstanding test coverage. For instance, many optical tests supplement the test result.

In addition, auxiliary tools support the automatic determination of reference values, guard points, and measurement conditions. Hence, numerous troubleshooting and fault analysis programs for fast editing of the test programs. The test programs can be created in the “Teach-In” process or also from the CAD data. TAKAYA’s Merlin Pro software supports over 40 different CAD systems.

In conclusion, all APT systems are also available as In-Line option. The systems are equipped with a transport system, including automatic width adjustment. Therefore, the flying probe test system can be used for completely automated operation in a production line or in the magazine to magazine operation.



Takaya_APT-1600FD SM


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