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TAKAYA Flying Probe Tester

Contact us to learn about the new APT-1400F, APT-1600FD, APT-9411SL and APT-9411CE.

If you are interested in TAKAYA machine sales please contact:
Pete Previte 978-929-2937 ( pprevite@texmacusa.com ) East Coast
Roy McKenzie 408-768-6282 ( rmckenzie@texmacusa.com ) West Coast
David Levine 704-393-6575 (dlevine@texmacusa.com) Central & Northwest

If you are interested in TAKAYA Technical Support please contact:
Joe Benton 704-393-6587 ( jbenton@texmacusa.com ) East Coast
Phong Nguyen 408-970-8500 (phong-nguyen@texmacusa.com) West Coast


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