TPH for Facsimile


TPH for Facsimile

Thermal Print Heads (TPH)

Thermal printheads are devices used to print using thermally sensitive materials. Examples include thermal paper, and thermal transfer ribbon. Whereas, by energizing resistors mounted on a substrate to generate joule heat.

Thermal printhead consists of a fixed number of heating elements corresponding to its printing resolution. When fired, these heating elements transfer heat through the TTR and onto the label substrate. This combined with pressure completes the printing process by transferring the melted ink to the label substrate.

For instance, SHEC-WHEC can quickly commercialize thermal printheads due to our advanced technologies. Additionally, leading the industry by providing proprietary high reliability, high-performance solutions that utilize thick/thin-film configurations, thermal history control ICs, special protective glazes, and more. In conclusion, we can also design and manufacture custom products tailored to user needs.

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TPH for Facsimile

HY/HA Series

TPH for Facsimile


The assembly and LSI technology come from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Therefore, this contributes to the compact design, the smallest HA series TPH for FAX in the World. As a result, sets the standard HA/HY series for FAX. Overall, the design is corrosion-resistant, anti-interference, and highly durable. Explicitly when used in Sailing, Security, and National Defense.


TPH for Facsimile has various uses. Such as Family, Office, and FAX on special occasions.

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