Thermal Print Heads (TPH)


Thermal Print Heads (TPH)

Thermal print heads (TPH) are devices used to print using thermally sensitive materials. For example, thermal paper and thermal transfer ribbon. Accomplished by energizing resistors mounted on a substrate to generate joule heat.

For instance, Thermal paper is used for this process. Most importantly due to its low cost, easy to handle, and virtually maintenance-free. Therefore, it is used in a wide variety of applications. For example, fax machines, printers, and ticketing equipment.

Furthermore, improved characteristics such as recording quality and speed have expanded the application range.

Thermal Print Heads (TPH): Thick Film and Thin Film

Thermal print heads (TPH) are roughly classified into thick-film and thin-film types based on the manufacturing method, materials, and structure.
SHEC-WHEC offers both types, thick and thin-film elements in original configurations.

As a result, SHEC-WHEC has accumulated industry-leading expertise in thick-film production, thin-film deposition, and semiconductor manufacturing technologies. Moreover, we have a streamlined production system. Furthermore, our R&D is focused on resistive elements used for heat generation.  Additionally, our semiconductor solutions such as driver ICs designed to power these elements.

For instance, leveraging these advanced technologies allows SHEC-WHEC to quickly commercialize thermal printheads. Additionally, leading the industry by providing proprietary high reliability, high-performance solutions that utilize thick/thin-film configurations, thermal history control ICs, special protective glazes, and more. In conclusion, SHEC-WHEC can also design and manufacture custom products tailored to user needs.

Printing Methods Using Thermal Printheads

Thermal Transfer Method

Thermal Print Head transfer method

Therefore, a wax or resin-based ink tape (ribbon) is melted (glued) onto a material such as paper using heat.


  • Excellent water and chemical resistance

  • Compatible with plain paper


  • High running costs

  • Complicated printer structure

  • Difficult to install paper/tape (ribbon)

Thermal Method

Therefore, printing is achieved by contacting heat elements with thermal paper (special heat-sensitive paper). Frequently used for receipt printers.


  • No need for toner, ribbon, or ink

  • Simple printer structure

  • Easy to install paper


  • Susceptible to temperature and scratches

Thick Film TPH

TPH with High Voltage (24) for barcode printers
thermal print head with High Voltage (24) for card printers
thermal print head with High Voltage (24) for medical applications
thermal print head for Receipt Printers and Mobil Receipt Printers
thermal print head for Facsimile

Thin Film TPH

thermal print head for Barcode Label Printers (Thin Film)
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