Heavy Denier Yarn Winder

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Heavy Denier Yarn Winder!

Heavy Denier Yarn Winder by ATi. TMT’s innovative winder. The ATi-series, a high-speed automatic take-up winder, is a top-of-the-line joint product by TMT Machinery.
The ATi-series promises the highest reliability and yield. It is best engineered, extremely user-friendly, and smart looking.

The ATi-H Series, High-Speed Automatic Take-up Winder, covers the chuck length from 600 mm to 1,350 mm with the provision of 2 to 6 end packages and is the ultimate answer to the vast spectrum of customer requirements. TMT Machinery.

The ATi-series features a wide variety and range to optimize the customers’ choice. Therefore, providing rotary traverse or cam traverse systems. To include chuck length from 1200mm to 1520 mm.

Take-up Winder High Transfer Rate

A servo motor drives the automatic yarn transfer mechanism. Hence, high performance. In fact, these conditions are subject to package diameter and paper tube. Since the information is to control the transfer timing. Furthermore, the servo motor performs an exceptionally smooth turret motion. In fact, the motion is shock-less. Therefore, beneficial for the multi-end chucks. Consequently, the winding is ultra-smooth.


The Heavy Denier Yarn Take-up Winder ATI take up winder pet_pa6_pa66
The Heavy Denier Yarn Take-up Winder Heavy Denier Yarn Take up
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