Fiber Winding and Spinning Machinery

TMT Fiber Winding and Spinning Machinery

fiber winding and spinning machinery

Synthetic Fiber Winding and Spinning Machinery

As a leader in Synthetic Fiber Winding and Spinning Machinery, TMT Machinery, Inc, delivers quality that is Top World Class. The company has inherited the DNA of Toray Engineering, Murata Machinery, and Teijin Machinery (currently Nabtesco).

Spinning Machines are part of the Spinning System, developed with total engineering expertise and knowledge. In conclusion, this enables the optimum system to fit various conditions for spinning materials. For example, PET, PA, microfilaments, dope-dyed yarn, high-modulus low-shrinkage yarn (HMLS/LS). Also, to new materials such as PTT, PLA, and so forth.

Therefore, they have charted a continuous course in the development of innovative technologies. Maintain their focus on the concept of “The One & Only Technology”. In Addition, they have delivered products of the highest quality standard all over the world.

In conclusion, our customers around the global market value our products that are created by our advanced technical skills and engineering ability, in addition to our reliable support system.


Synthetic Fiber Spinning System

TMT Spinning Machine

Synthetic Fiber Take-Up Winding System

TMT Take Up Winder


TMT Machinery Inc. develops, designs, manufactures, and sells the systems. Therefore, the Company’s systems products include spinning and draw process systems, take-up panels, take-up winders, and draw-texturing machines.

In addition, we are focused on innovative technology and product development. For instance, Research & Development, and Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, and After-Sales-Service.

In conclusion, we have the knowledge that satisfies the customer’s needs in all areas of support from sales to after-sales service.

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