Wide-Scanning Contact Image Sensors


Wide-Scanning Contact Image Sensors

Contact Image Sensors (CIS)

Wide Scanning CIS

The scanners have Wide-Scanning Contact Image Sensors built-in. In effect, to convert printed text and images into digital data. Specifically, fields that require high-precision scanning. To point out, banknote readers and flaw detection sensors. Our CIS is popular in the global market. In general, our ability to respond to changing markets and the needs of our customers.

Devices Including Image Sensors

What is the contact image sensor scanning method? First, the wide-format document reflects light from three-color LEDs. Then, the CIS sensor receives the reflected light and performs the scan. Known as the “contact image sensor method”. Because the LEDs, lens, and sensor are all combined into a single component. To summarize, detailed documents use CIS scanning. In short, because of its capability to duplicate fine lines and small types. In particular, used for creating maps and government documents.

To emphasize, Wide-Scanning (CIS) is an image reading sensor. Specifically, the light source is using LEDs. As a result, combining the integrated lenses and sensor ICs for imaging. a wide variety of products use our CIS. Our customers prefer our CIS because it integrates easily with their products.

Wide Scanning Contact Image Sensors


To point out, every unit is customized to the customer’s specifications. Specifically, the following specifications, scanning width, resolution, LED light unit (internal or external), and data output (camera link).


In fact, the CIS is applied to surface inspection in various industries. For example, printing, film, converters of electric components, textile, and the food industry.

Wide Scanning Contact Image Sensors Specs

Application Examples of Wide-Scanning (CIS)

Notably, we developed the technology for the large format CIS. Consequently, for high-precision inspection and detection. In fact, it supports reading widths of 800mm or greater.  In conclusion, the application is used in electronic components, large-scale prints, apparel, agriculture, and food markets.

electric components
large scale prints
agriculture and food
Wide Scanning Contact Image Sensors Electric Components Image
Wide Scanning Contact Image Sensors Large Scale Prints Image
Wide Scanning Contact Image Sensors Apparel Image
Wide Scanning Contact Image Sensors agriculture and food image

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