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Spandex Take Up Winder

Spandex Take Up Winder, ATi-459α, is highly versatile and easily adapted to the specialized Spandex spinning processes. Synthetic fiber is one of the world’s greatest inventions. Therefore, various kinds of manmade fiber materials are evolving from research and development. Since they already makeup almost half of the world’s textile products and have become a very natural part of our lives. The cultivation of new possibilities such as “environment-friendly materials” continues today. In conclusion, TMT manufactures the full range of machinery used for producing manmade fibers. In addition, we offer spinning/drawing/winding systems that are ideal for many different applications. Furthermore, due to its excellent performance and outstanding reliability, we continue to receive customer praise. We continue to support our customers as they take on the new challenges of today.

For Spandex

ATi TMT’s Advanced Technology Innovative Take-up Winder

ATi-459α for SPANDEXTake-up Winder for SPANDEX

The highly versatile ATi-459α is easily adapted to the specialized Spandex spinning processes of individual user companies. Performance has continued to rise, and the ATi-459α is now used all over the world regardless of differences in spinning processes, whether dry, melt, wet, or some other. Moreover, our readiness to customize specifications to satisfy individual requirements is also highly acclaimed, and has earned us the full trust of users the world over.
Since the introduction of the Model ATi-459α Spandex Winder, customers worldwide have praised it for its excellent performance and outstanding reliability.To date, more than 15,000 units have been sold.

ATi459a Takeup winder for spandex
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