POY Spinning Machines

POY Spinning

POY Spinning Machines, TMT accumulated experience and knowledge for synthetic fiber production for the past 50 years. The Spinning System, developed with total engineering expertise and know-how, enables the configuration of optimum systems. Designed to spinning materials from PET, PA, microfilaments, dope-dyed yarn, high-modulus low-shrinkage yarn (HMLS/LS). To include new materials such as PTT, PLA, and so forth.
In conclusion, TMT can produce POY Spinning Machines systems designed for the specific needs of customers. Additionally, from spinning to diverse draw processes such as POY/FDY/HOY and multi-draw process, and take-up winders.

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POY Eco Spinning Beam

Power saving by compact jacket and improved thermal insulation layer.

ECO Quench Chamber

POY Spinning Machines

High-quality yarn, Power as well as Space saving by iQC.


POY Spinning Machines Eco-ORCA

Less operator (One operator is enough), Power as well as Space saving by the downsizing of the machine.


ORCA Winder

High productivity and Power saving by the world’s first 12end x 15kg package POY winder. Excellent unwinding performance by a new winding program.



Specification of Eco-ORCA System

Specifications of ECO ORCA System
poy-spinning-machines ECO ORCA SYSTEM