Industrial Yarn Spinning

TMT Fiber Winding and Spinning Machinery
TMT Spinning Machinery System

Industrial Yarn Spinning

ATS TMT’s Advanced Technology Synthetic Fiber Process

TMT yarn spinning system for industrial yarn is a top-of-the-joint product by TMT Machinery that unified the capabilities of three major Japanese synthetic textile machinery suppliers, Toray Engineering, Murata Machinery, and Teijin Seiki.
TMT yarn spinning system for industry yarn promises the highest reliability and yield. It is user-friendly and smart-looking.

Therefore, TMT Spinning Systems is the world’s largest manufacturer of machinery for synthetic fiber. However, the assets we have received are much more than just delivery performance. To achieve the desired highest quality, we learn and continue to learn from our customers. In particular, their machines and type of engineering. To explain, our attitude is toward the never-ending pursuit of such quality, and the expertise needed to turn it into reality. Since our lives are fashion by color – fashion is all over the world by manufacturers of synthetic fibers.

Industrial Yarn Spinning
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