Contact Image Sensors for Banking


Contact Image Sensors for Banking

ATM, Recycler, Banknote Sorter/Counter, Check Reader, Gaming / Lottery Applications, Copier / Wide Format Scanner Applications, Medical Applications, etc.
(Urine test instrument, culture vessel scanner, etc.)

Contact Image Sensor, CIS, is an image reading sensor using LEDs as the light source with integrated lenses and sensor ICs. A CIS contact sensor is smaller and lighter than a CCD line sensor. Allowing the components to be integrated into a compact module. Thus, simplifying the inner structure of the scanner. Particularly, its height of 30mm, makes this ideal for a portable scanner. For example, scanners (especially portable scanners), electrographs, bar code readers, and optical identification technology use contact image sensors.

Flatbed scanners use Contact image sensors (CIS). Uniquely, CCD uses mirrors to bounce light to a stationary sensor. Therefore, scanners using CISs are much smaller than ones that use CCDs. Additionally, they use a tenth of the power. Consequently, they are suitable for low-power and portable applications.

A CIS typically consists of a linear array of detectors, covered by focusing lenses and flanked by red, green, and blue LEDs for illumination. The use of LEDs allows the CIS to be highly power-efficient, allowing scanners to be powered through the minimal line voltage supplied via a USB connection. CIS devices typically produce lower image quality compared to CCD devices; in particular, the depth of field is limited, which poses a problem for material that is not perfectly flat.

Contact Image Sensors for Banking is a device that allows light to convert photons into electrical signals. The contact image sensor translates the electrical signals. Light strikes the photodiodes. In brief, converting the picture into electrical signals.  Then, pushed onto several internal devices in turn. To illustrate, a serial shift register, capacitor, and amplifier. Finally, the analog-to-digital conversion takes place. Therefore, converting the signals into binary values. Then processed and stored.

Contact Image Sensors (CIS) also called line scan bars are an attractive alternative to common line scanning equipment. Therefore, allowing high data rates and at the same time offering high sensitivity with a straightforward set­up. Consequently, CIS uses the same technology used in copy machines and desktop scanners. For example, they combine a sensor, lens, and light source.

A contact image sensor doesn’t need any setback distance, and the one-pixel continuous capture means the physical length of the document isn’t an issue.


CIS for Banking contact image sensors

Contact Image Sensors for Banking Features

Scanning Width: 12mm - 216mm
Clock Speed: 2MHz - 16MHz
Light Source: R/G/B/IR/UV/White LED
Resolution: 50dpi - 600dpi
Focus Position: 0mm - 3mm
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