Apeiros API-40RD

Apeiros API-40RD

Apeiros API-40RD has a color 5″ LCD touch screen.  Moreover, allowing you to set various parameters of the spray coating. While it can also be used Visually, to see the operational status of the coating. In addition, you can set various parameters, and register up to 20 different parameters called a recipe.  Finally, after coating the display Graph shows the results of the Monitored key parameters. A Data logging function allows you to record the data.



"Apeiros API-40RD LCD Screen

High Precision Desk-top Nano Spray Coater


APl-40RD deploys the same proprietary liquid controller DLCS™ (Digital Liquid Control System) and LPVN™ nozzle (Low-Pressure Vapor Nozzle) as the production size spray coater.

Therefore, the DLCS TM Mini’s unique syringe pump structure uses minimal liquid amounts. Consequently, limiting clogging with a highly viscous liquid makes it cost-effective and clean.

The precision control of atomizing volume and pressure results in lowered evaporation and air bubble removal. LPVN™ creates dual-curtain vortex airflow to enhance atomizing and accelerate liquid drying speed on substrates, minimizing uneven coating on high topology surfaces.

The discharge accuracy is repeatable on the production scale.

Its compact, yet robust structure excels in vibration-dampening, enabling high coating speeds of up to 700mm/sec.

Flow rate setting in 0.1 ml/min increments.

Suitable for MEMs, OGS, and specialized thin-film coatings such as AF/AS, and AG/AR.