Apeiros API-40RD



Apeiros API-40RD

Apeiros API-40RD

Apeiros API-40 RD

The Apeiros API-40RD high precision spray coater for research and development

Machine Highlights:

  • Mini DLCS fine liquid flow control.
  • Z axis (MAX. 100mm) by manual.
  • Maximum 700mm/second scan speed.
  • 5″ Touch Screen with TFT.
  • Disposable Syringe.
  • LPVN nozzle compatability.
  • Vacuum chuck stage.
  • Recipe 20 sets.
  • HEPA filter

Ideal for process and material development, you can shorten the development cycle for the Tegaeshi well test!

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Apeiros API-40RD Overview

Apeiros High Precision Spray Coater-API40RD

Apeiros High Precision Spray Coater-API40RD

While space-saving type of 850mm (W) x 800mm (L) x 750 (H) (mm), it can be mentioned head speed by the excellent high-rigidity structure in vibration damping characteristics up to 700mm / sec, high-performance R & High for D It IS the Precision Spray coater. Chemical supply IS A simple operation of only set to filled in the disposable syringe Spray head, just A Few minutes Setup changes, the Chemical liquid flow rate CAN BE set for Each 0.1 ml / min , Discharge Reproducibility IS less than 1% very high and, it IS ideal for coating Process or coating Solution Development Applications of thin film device. Has Excellent compatibility / Scalability of the Company’s Production for Spray coater, it CAN BE Reflected Material developed in this machine , the Process Smoothly into mass Production. Main Specification model name: API-40RD / API-40RD Advance Dimensions: 690 (850) x 800 x 750 mm (W x L x H), 120 (150) kg Application area :. Max 200 x 200 (mm) flow Control: DLCS ™ mini Nozzle: LPVN ™ Chemical supply: The manual Exchange by syringe (20 ml capacity) coating speed: Max 300 (700) mm / sec. flow rate range: 1 cc – 20 ml / min operation screen: 5㌅ color LCD touch panel (English only) Stage: Manual Z-axis Mechanism (up to 100 mm drive) with Adsorption Mechanism if there IS A * number in (), () in the API-40RD Advance of the spec numbers . Other: • The Installation of the HEPA filter to the Housing top, alarm Notification at the time of Exhaust failure by differential pressure gauge , Emergency stop button (1) and Exhaust duct (duct Outlet installed in the Housing top)* Blower customers Arrange . While proud of the flow rate Reproducibility comparable to Our own DLCS ™ Control, and Eliminates the any of the Piping, it IS Possible to Experiment with Tegaeshi well A Variety of Materials, Contributing to speed up Development of Materials and Process Development.

 High performance and compact

No compromise!

Apeiros API-40RD LCD Screen

The color 5″ LCD touch screen, allows you to set various parameters of the Spray coating. It can also be used Visually, to see the  operational status of the coating. You can set various parameters, register up to 20 different parameters called a recipe.  After coating the display Graph shows the results of the Monitored key parameters. A Data logging function allows you to record the data.