Apeiros API-300


Apeiros API-300

apeiros api-300 OGS

The ultimate Full Auto Spray Coater

Apeiros API-300

The Apeiros API-300 is a big favorite “cover glass-integrated touch panel known as OGS (ONE GLASS SOLUTION)” of the next generation touch panel definitive edition of the mass-production thin film spray coater! Apeiros API-300OGS / API-420OGS. In addition, it corresponds also to various wet coating of the organic EL.

apeiros api300

apeiros api300 integrated with fully automated HP/Cassette/Robot System

apeiros api-300

Full spec Auto Spray Coater

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Apeiros API-300OC external view

One cases of OGS spray coater, for OC1 / OC2

Perfect explosion-proof, various control functions suitable for continuous production, robot, HP, by the integration of a cassette station, etc., you can build a fully automated line.

apeiros api-300-3

AMOLED buffer layer coating

Of low-molecular organic EL layer structure

ITO is coated with a buffer layer between (transparent conductive film) and HIL (hole injection layer)

apeiros api-300-4

OGS layer structure

All of the functional thin film (AG / AR / AS) and a touch sensor of the photoresist film on the surface will respond with a spray coater.

Functional film is ultra-thin film of about 10nm-100nm, the layer structure of about 2um-20um in the resist film.

apeiros api-300
apeiros api-300

AMOLED buffer layer coating

The effect of the buffer coating

Buffer coat may be to planarize the ITO film surface to lower the resistance value of the HIL layer, to lower the driving voltage, luminous efficiency, has the effect of improving lifetime and yield.

apeiros api-300

API-300/400 full auto meters line

Spray coater fully automatic line

Robot, cassette port, it is possible to be a hot plate, a spray coater to fully automatic line, you can Crossed the mass production line.It corresponds also to customize such as CIM communication with the host.

apeiros api-300

OGS deposition process

apeiros api-300

Apeiros API-300 High Precision Spray Coater

Equipment specification

  API-300OGS  API-420OGS
Use Photoresist coating of cover glass-integrated touch panel (OGS) (Black Matrix / ITO (X / Y) / MAM (Metal wiring) / OC1 / OC2)
Equipment dimensions 1,700 x 1,700 x 1,900
(WXLXH, mm)
1,700 x 2,000 x 1,900
(W x L x H, mm)
Substrate size
(= active application range)
650 x 550 (mm) 720 x 610 (mm)
Head speed 1,000 mm / sec
Height adjustment 20mm – 100mm
Board fixing method Passing in the lift-up pin (robot), vacuum suction (lift up the pin and the stage)
Operation screen 12 inches color TFT resistive touch panel
Chemical supply system Our own DLCS ™ system
Liquid chemical relationship The coating liquid tank (capacity 5L type), cleaning solution tank (capacity 5L type), the sub-tank (one each coating solution / cleaning solution, one waste liquid)
Recipe Hundred
Other standard features , Chemicals automatic supply and automatic cleaning and automatic degassing feature
automatic shutter when anti-sticking · · wait DATA log
-thermo-hygrometer, atomization pressure monitoring nozzle clogging monitoring
and exhaust differential pressure gauge · LED Light