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Amada Profile Grinders Amada Profile Grinders, when the tightest tolerances and accurate repeatability matter. Therefore, Amada is the world leader in optical profile grinding, high-precision surface, and profile work. Consequently, we are suppliers to high-tech electronics and semiconductor manufacturers. Briefly, they have trusted Amada grinders for years to deliver the flexibility, precision, and productivity they need to [...]

Amada Band Saws Amada Band Saws Amada band saws are available semi or fully automatic.  To point out, they can handle a 10” to 40” capacity.  The fully automatic CM-75 CNC machine provides maximum cutting efficiency with top measurement accuracy. Especially when compared with other circular saw machines of this type. Furthermore, Amada ensures the smoothest cutting surface. [...]

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Amada Contact “Stamping Presses to meet the metal forming specifications of Parts Stampers operating around the world.” Amada contact is a connection for more information! Since its inception, Amada America has provided American industry with a steady stream of innovative, productivity-enhancing machines. We have accomplished this by carefully listening to you, our customers, and then [...]

Amada Machine Tools

Amada Machine Tools Amada Machine Tools provides the industry with a steady stream of innovative, productivity-enhanced machines. On the positive side, we believe quality work begins with quality tools. Consequently, our tools are designed and built from the ground up. Thus, delivering outstanding performance. Therefore, every feature, function, and configuration is developed to address your [...]