ATI Take-up

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ATi-M series offers a revolutionary concept of a winder with high multi-ends and large package volume. It is superbly and absolutely fine tuned so as to achieve the full satisfaction of the customer by responding to the diversified needs of the industry. This is a winder which has been perfected to the limit of engineering capability to date.


ATi-418R/12 ORCA

ATi-418R/12 ORCA

ATi-418R/12 ORCA enabled 15kg package production with 12end in POY in advance of the world. In addition, the function to improve the yarn quality of the package is included. Additionally, the environment is considered, the reduction of power consumption for each end is made achievement, and it contributes to customer’s production efficiency improvement and energy conservation.
Moreover, the advantage of space-saving and operation improvement is obtained by the combination with a newly developed low height of take-up frame.

ATi-418R/12 ORCA



The ATi-series, high-speed automatic take-up winder, is top-of-the-line joint products by TMT Machinery.
The ATi-series promises the highest reliability and yield. It is best engineered, extremely user-friendly and smart looking.
The ATi-series covers the chuck length from 1,200mm to 1,520mm with the provision of either rotary traverse or cam traverse system and it is superbly fine tuned so as to achieve the fullest satisfaction of the customer in all over the world by responding to the diversified requests of the industry.

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Take-up for Spandex

ATI-459a for Spandex

The highly versatile ATi-459 is easily adapted to the specialized Spandex spinning processes of individual user companies. Performance has continued to rise, and the ATi-459 is now used all over the world regardless of differences in spinning processes, whether dry, melt, wet, or some other. Moreover, our readiness to customize specifications to satisfy individual requirements is also highly acclaimed, and has earned us the full trust of users the world over.

Since the introduction of the Model ATi-459 Spandex Winder, customers worldwide have praised it for its excellent performance and outstanding reliability.To date, more than 15,000 units have been sold.

Advantage 1: High-speed take-up

Advantage 2: Reduced energy consumption

Advantage 3: Space-savingdesign & multi-end support

Advantage 4: Improved package quality, the most sought-after feature

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Take-up for Heavy Denier Yarn

ATI H Series

ATi-H Series, High Speed Automatic Take-up Winder for Industrial Yarns, covers the chuck length from 600 mm to 1,350 mm with the provision of 2 to 6 end packages and is the ultimate answer to the vast spectrum of customer requirement.