The APT-9411SL is the flagship of the APT-9xxx-Series with a test area that can handle printed circuit boards up to a maximum size of 25” by 24”. This makes it the ideal system for EMS providers that want the flexibility to handle any size board from their customers, particularly the larger boards required by the telecom and high-end computer markets that typically provide higher margins.

As with all TAKAYA APT-9xxx-Series systems, the APT-9411SL was designed for use by manufacturers that require the most accurate and reliable system, with the ease-of-use and fast program development that provides the quick-turn response, demanded by a prototype environment. It provides the highest reliability, accuracy, and ease-of-use available on the market, capabilities that are crucial to test operations that are expected to be able to deliver the highest quality of test, within a day of receiving CAD files and first article, and do it reliably day-after-day.

In addition to the base system capabilities, a wide range of capabilities can be added to the APT-9411SL to increase coverage or incorporate complementary test strategies, including:

  • Power on tests
  • functional tests
  • digital tests
  • programmable power supplies
  • barcode recognition with camera
  • advanced vision test system
  • integration of external measurement equipment
  • gain measurements
  • in-line compatibility (SMEMA)
  • open pin checker
  • Flash/EEPROM programming
  • Boundary Scan
  • full compatibility of all APT test programs
  • etc.

While providing outstanding test coverage, the APT-9411SL offers superior ongoing cost-of-ownership benefits. The APT-9411SL requires minimal floor space, which saves expensive production area. In addition, the power consumption of the proven mechanical architecture is much less than other designs and no air is required for standard operation. The precise control system ensures the most silent operation, which allows it to be used in almost every environment and its ergonomic design reduces strain on the operator.

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