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Chamfering and Deburrin are no longer an afterthought.
With SENJO SEIKI automatic chamfering and deburring machines,
manufacturers can now quickly and uniformly complete gear and parts
to exact specifications.
PLC 201

Standard Machine
It works on different work type such as automotive parts with a diameter
up to 200mm.
: Coolant System
: Chip Suppression
: Possible Multi-tasking due to Simple Operation
: Automation System
: Compact design and Space-saving installation

: Loader
: Brush Unit
: Internal Processing
: Work seating sensor
: Signal Tower
: Flexible Rod Switch


Chamfering processed for large gears.

Chamfering top and bottom side of very large gears without turning over

the work.

For safety and enviromental aspects, chip and sparks do not occur

compared to the manual grinder.

: Chamfer work above 3.000mm diameter.

: Unnecessary Work Turn Over.

Application :

Slewing Bearing for Wind Turbine or Construction Machinery, Wind Power

Transmission Gears, Large Ring Gears, etc.

This machine is ideal for processing fine burrs and edges.
Proper application can be proposed depends on the materials and burrs.
: Quality Stabilization by auto wear-out correction.
: Anti scattering cover for chip.
: Dust Collector
Application : Variable Timing Parts, Sintered Parts such as Oil Pump Rotor,

It is a combination of teaching and floating mechanism, which is designated
to process various work shapes.
: Uniform and Symmetrical Chamfer by Simple Teaching.
: Stabilization of Chamfering Size.
: Process irregular work by X, Y, θ axis rotation.
: Works can be process continuously with specialized Jigs.
: Process works which has complex-shape.

Application : Flange Parts, Plate Shaped Parts, etc.

Automation System
: Propose machines that can be inserted in a full automatic production line.
: Design and manufacture loader, conveyor, stocker, etc. to achieve smooth
work flow.
: Numerous stations that can process simultaneously.
Sample Application
: Built-in conveyor and loader that can be connected with the previous / after
process equipment.
: Built-in stocker and loader.
: Interlock with other robot manufacturer, etc.
Coolant System
: Short time breakdown prevention and chip suppression.
: Maintain cleanliness of the machine.

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