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TEXMAC, together with Giken advocates and promotes the Construction Revolution to establish a new standard which surpasses the convention of the current construction industry. We provide an advanced technology derived from the superior Press-in Principle. The “Construction Revolution”  breaks the shackles of convention and leads to a great paradigm-shift of the global construction industry.

Pile Penetration Method

Pile penetration methods can be classified in either dynamic penetration method or static penetration method. Dynamic penetration method inevitably generates excessive noise and vibration due to their reliance on percussive or vibratory energy. On the other hand, static penetration method won’t generate such construction pollution. If reaction force for penetration is derived only from the weight of the piling rig, the rig needs to be massive. It is not a practicable.

In the Press-in Method, piles are installed with static load generated from hydraulic rams. The reaction for the press-in force is derived from extraction resistance of previously driven piles. That is why a small press-in machine can generate greater force by integrated with the Earth. Such compact machines can work under physically restricted work conditions

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“The World’s First ‘Reaction-based’ Hydraulic Pile Jacking Machine”


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