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Fuji Machines

We provide our customers with precision machine tools with integrated Fuji robots that offer flexibility, ease of use and turnkey solutions.

Horizontal Tuning

Horizontal Turning Machines

The DLFn Modular production equipment is revolutionizing machining automation. Taking raw materials to finished parts has never been easier, more time efficient – or more space efficient. With up to 10 modules combined, the DLFn occupies less than half the space of a conventional Fuji line.


Drillin and Milling Machines

HM Series horizontal Machining centers offer you 5 face machining capability and the choice of either our swing arm robot L29X or the gantry robot L673 for easy adaptation to your production process. The L673 gantry type robot allows for excellent access to the machining point while the swing arm L29X makes the HM series an excellent choice for modular in-line usage. You also have the option of choosing 6, 10 or 15 position turrets with live tool spindles

4 axis turning

4-Axis Turning

The ANS Series of twin turret automated shaft lathes are ideal for high volume applications with short cycle times. ANS Series machines include 4-axis simultaneous for optimal workpiece output and Fuji’s high-speed 2-axis L672-H gantry robot.

hard tuning

Vertical Hard Turning.

The VN Vertical Turning Series can be configured with or without automation. The Fuji VTL is superior for handling large and heavy workpieces with easy access to the work envelope. The rigid design allows for heavy metal removal while maintaining superior accuracy. The VN series offers automation with 200 lb. part handling capacity. The VN can be set-up or hard turning applications.



The orientation device rotates the part for precise locating by the robot for positioning into the spindle.

Swing Arm Robot

Robot Machines

Swinging left and right with an indexable robot hand, the robot allows pass through of parts from one machining cell to another from robot to robot

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