Amada Chip Compactor


Amada Automatic Chip Compactor SCP103H

Sustainable management – material recovery by chip compactor

The SCP 103 H automatic chip compactor is designed for briquetting of different shapes from chips because of turning, milling, and sawing. In particular, up to 95% of the cutting fluid supplied can be recycled. Consequently, this is sorted out by a separate drainage system.  Therefore, it is also possible to return it to the processing machines after filtering. Generally speaking, due to the alignment of the chip screws to the chip hopper. Firstly, patented by AMADA MACHINE TOOLS. As a matter of fact, a special chip crusher is not necessary. For this reason, control of the chip screws counteracts the bridging of chips. Consequently, depositing residual chips in the chip hopper.

Overall, the economic advantage of making briquettes normally varies between 100 and 300 Euros per ton of chips. Additionally, internal, or external transport of chips and containers is reduced considerably. For example, transport of a normally filled 10 m3 skip trailer over 10 km results in up to 10 kg of CO2. In conclusion, making briquettes makes an active contribution to environmental protection.

Productivity Features:

First thing to remember, the Amada Chip Compactor will compact and reduce the area required for chip storage.

To point out, a decrease in the chip storage area from up to 5:1 on grinding swarf and up to 20:1 on machining chips.

  • Such as preventing EPA problems
  • The increased selling price of chips
  • Truly, improved housekeeping
  • In detail, a smaller area is required for chip storage
  • To emphasize, reduced safety hazard
  • Significantly, reclaiming cutting fluid
CCP103H-Chip Compactor

Sustainable management by ISO 14001 environmental management.

It is important to realize that an ISO 14001 certificate proves that your internal company processes are tested. Furthermore, you correspond to the international standards for environmental management systems.

Above all, the ISO 14001 certificate lets your customers know that you are active to ensure that your processes, products, and services positively influence the environment.

Your advantage:

As a result, cutback of chip volume in your container (1:5 cast iron chips, 1:50 steel chips)

Of course, recycling of inherent lubricant

Then, a decrease of surrounding contamination

That is to say, higher sales revenue from chips by making briquettes

Thus, lower staff costs due to reduced handling intensity

CCP103H-Chip Compactor


Application Cast Iron, Copper, Bronze, Stainless Steel
Suitable Chips For Compaction Chip, Curled


Press Force 72 US tons (143,000 lbs.) 65 metric tons (65,000 kg.)
Compacted Briquette Size (Diameter) 3.5″ 90 mm
Compaction Pressure 100 MPa at 3.54″ dia. (14,500 psi) 100 MPa at 90 mm dia. (1,000 kgf/cm²)
Hopper Capacity 26.4 gal. 100 liters


Motors Hydraulic Motor 15 HP 11 kW
Screw Motors Vertical 1 HP
Horizontal 1/2 HP
Vertical 0.75 x 4 kW x P
Horizontal 0.4 x 4 kW x P

Power Requirements

Power Requirements Supply Voltage AC220±10%, 3 PH, 60 Hz
(All other voltages require a transformer.)
Required power 18 kVA

Dimensions and Weight

Machine Dimensions (W x L x H) 40″ x 100″ x 75″ 995 x 2530 x 1900 mm
Machine Weight 46.9″ 1190 mm
Hopper Height 4,890 lbs. 2200 kg.
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