TEXMAC selling AMADA Stamping Press

TEXMAC selling AMADA Stamping Press

Amada Stamping Press

Press Release June 10, 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                           Amada Stamping Press

Due to the recent reorganization of THE AMADA GROUP in Japan, their Stamping Press Business was transferred to AMADA Machine Tools Co. Ltd., on April 1, 2015. When this occurred, TEXMAC INC., a sister company of ITOCHU Machine-Technos Corp.,Japan, began to sell the Amada Stamping Presses in the USA, as they have been selling the AMADA Metal Cutting Machines for many years.
In Addition, MACHINE-TECHNOS MEXICO S.A. DE C.V., a subsidiary of ITOCHU Machine-Technos, began selling the AMADA Stamping Presses in MEXICO.

Now, TEXMAC INC., Headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina recently became the North American Distributor, Trading Company, for the AMADA STAMPING PRESS LINE of EQUIPMENT under the reorganization of the AMADA MACHINE TOOLS CO. LTD. located in Isehara-City, Kanagawa 259-1196 Japan.

TEXMAC INC. now has the Sales Responsibility for the full line of Amada Stamping Presses beginning with 15 ton capacity mechanical gap frame models up to and including the 400 ton straight-side design models.
AMADA also has a full Line of “Digital Electric Servo Drive” Presses, beginning with 80 ton capacity models up to and including 300 ton straight-sides. The addition of the Servo Drive Model Stamping Press continues to advance AMADA from “High Accuracy” to “Ultra-High Accuracy”.

For more information on the AMADA Stamping Press Line, Please Contact:

Dan Ternasky, Senior Sales & Engineering Manager – TEXMAC INC.
Dan has over 20 years of experience in Stamping Press Sales & Press Manufacturing.

Call: 980-254-7357 or Email – jternasky@texmacusa.com
Website: http://www.amt.amada.co.jp/english/products/press/index.html

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