TEXMAC selling AMADA Stamping Press

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TEXMAC selling AMADA Stamping Press

Amada Stamping Press Press Release June 10, 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                           Due to the recent reorganization of THE AMADA GROUP in Japan, their Stamping Press Business was transferred to AMADA Machine Tools Co. Ltd., on April 1, 2015. When this occurred, TEXMAC INC., a sister company of ITOCHU Machine-Technos Corp.,Japan, began to sell the Amada Stamping Presses in […]

High Precision Spray Coater with DLCS

Apeiros High Precision Spray Coater with DLCS

Apeiros High Precision Spray Coater with DLCS Press Release July 16, 2015 TEXMAC Inc., headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently became the North American Distributor for the Apeiros High Precision Spray Coater with DLCS™ (Digital Liquid Control System) under the reorganization of the Apeiros Corporation located in Tokyo, Japan. TEXMAC Inc. now has the sales […]

nobu tsurutani

Introducing our new President Nobu Tsurutani!

***Company News*** Welcome, Nobu Tsurutani TEXMAC would like to introduce our new president Nobu Tsurutani. Nobu comes to us from his previous assignment at ITOCHU SysTech, Japan, which is one of our affiliates. Nobu has also worked at TEXMAC in the role of Vice President and was based in our Santa Clara, CA branch. We welcome […]

Takaya, World’s fastest Flying Probe Test System

Santa Clara—March 24 – TEXMAC, the exclusive authorized distributor of TAKAYA flying probers in North America, is introducing their new high-performance TAKAYA APT-1400F Advanced Flying Probe test system as well as showcasing their market-leading TAKAYA APT-9411 Flying Probe test system at the APEX trade show in Las Vegas on March 25 to March 27 (booth # 2347). The APT-1400F is the next-generation system from TAKAYA, building on its 25-year history as the inventor and leader in flying-probe test technology by providing unprecedented performance in speed, accuracy, and test coverage.

Happy’s Website Gets A Makeover

HAPPY Embroidery Machines provides so many useful tools to their customers through their website. That is why it was important to make it easy to use as their embroidery machines. We have applied the latest in web design to make happyemb.com the ultimate training resource. Check it out ->